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Jesus Christ or Jesus of Nazareth, who was a teacher and reformer of religion & has become the central figure of Christianity. Christians worship him as a god, accept his words and follow the example of Jesus.

Jesus is known to be one of the influential, most recognized and one of the extremely famous persons in the history of the world.  Jesus teachings always taught love and forgiveness for others. He also taught people to be humble and kind about one’s religion.

Jesus said that one should be mild like a child and never boast. He treated everyone like his child and healed them through his blessings and love. The Christian church is founded on Jesus. The birth of Jesus is celebrated every year on December 25 in many countries. This day is announced as a holiday.

Many people believe that, Jesus was truly god and also human but part of god’s plan to bring human beings closer to understand god by the teachings of the Bible.

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Jesus Image




Jesus Picture




Jesus Photo



Jesus image hd




Jesus unique image




Beautiful Jesus Image




Jesus christ real




Jesus blessings




Jesus Birth




Jesus Cross




Jesus Pray




Jesus Teachings




Jesus Pure




Jesus Healings




Jesus in Church



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Jesus taught to be mild









Jesus Sparkling bessings











Jesus Gif













Jesus Family









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