Mexico City Flag

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The Mexico City flag is a tricolor of green, white and red. It was first designed in 1821.

However, it was most recently revised with the coat of arms in the center and adopted in 1968. Initially the three colors green, white and red represented independence, religion and union of Americans and Europeans, but the colors were later adapted as green – symbol of hope, white – symbol of unity and red – symbol of blood of the national heroes.

The coat of arms symbolizes the legends which recall the way Aztecs found their Mexican city. This modification was brought under the Mexican president Benito Juarez (with the presidentship period being 1858-1872).

The Flag Day is celebrated on 24 February with civic services in honor of the Mexican flag and the flag song is dedicated to the flag. This day is celebrated every year from the time it was implemented, on 24 February 1937. It is also a national holiday in Mexico.

Mexicans proudly stand in attention when the flag is displayed, by raising their right arm and place their right hands over their chests, in front of the heart.  The hand is flat and the palm of the hand is facing downward.

Children’s in the Mexican schools are taught to perform oath to the flag. The flag proudly waves over various Mexican buildings, squares and other historical places.

The colors were adopted by the Army during the war of independence which intended to secure the three guarantees – religion, independence and unity.



























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